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Court Booking Help and Guidance

Court booking is extremely easy and can be done at the click of a button using Clubspark.

Sign In
You need to sign in, either as yourself, if you are an adult member, or if you are booking a court for your child, sign in as ‘parent or guardian’ in the drop-down menu.

Padlock Icons
If you only see padlocks on the courts on screen, that means that you are not registered properly on the system.  All members should be able to book courts.

Get Help
If you have this problem, please contact Clubspark support@clubspark.com

You can book a court up to 7 days in advance, but you MUST cancel if you cannot make the time, as others are often watching for cancellations.

Booking Doubles
If you wish to play doubles, as a courtesy to other members, you are requested to book a maximum of 2 hours between the 4 players.


Return to Restricted Play Tennis - 1st June 2020

Following updated guidelines from the LTA and Government, LTA Guidelines over the weekend, the club will now open up some more playing opportunities for you!

Can now to be played. Please read the guidance for players as it has updated various items. For example, the guidance regarding servers only using their own balls has been relaxed, but this can only be applied if you do not touch your face while on court and wash or sanitise your hands immediately after play. The rules of social distancing still apply while on court. Pairs should change ends on opposite sides of the net and keep 2m apart during play.

There will be a bottle on sanitizer on each court, please use and leave on court.  Each coach will have their own bottle and will offer to all players before and after every lesson.  Whether you are having a 121, joining a squad or attending a drop in, this will be mandatory.

Adult Drop Ins
Will return from week commencing Monday 8th June.  Quick reminder especially as we have lots of new members:
Tuesday evening 19.30 - 21.00 (£12)
Friday afternoon 14.00 - 15.00 (£8)
Saturday morning 09.00 - 10.00 (£8)

There are only 8 places at each of the drop ins, which will be played over 2 courts.  First come first served, just turn up. Teenagers who play for adult teams are also welcome to attend these sessions.

If these drop-in sessions become oversubscribed, we will add more. Alternatively, you could arrange your own 4 players and book a lesson with a coach and share the rate of £35 between you!

Junior Coaching Programme
Will resume from Monday 8th June. It will run for 8 weeks until Sunday 2nd August. If you had already paid for the summer term, you will have 4 weeks rolled over to the Autumn term. You can book onto the programme now here:
8 Week Summer Junior Programme

The LTA guidance states that groups must be no more than 5 players plus the coach.  We will be maintaining this level or below to adhere to the social distancing rules.

No Younger Red/Blue Groups
We will not be running the younger Red/Blue groups for ages 4 and 5 years as this is a much harder age group with which to manage these rules.

Court Time
All squads, 121s and drop-in sessions MUST be wrapped up after 55 minutes.  If members do not adhere to this, we will move to the 50-minute rule in the LTA guidelines.  It is important to have members arrive and leave the premises promptly.

The Clubhouse
Will remain closed, the only exception being emergency use of the toilets.  There are hand washing facilities in all bathrooms AND hand sanitizers.


Return to Restricted Play Tennis - 14th May

The government has given the green light for the ‘Return to Tennis’ and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) guidance has now been published. The committee have produced a plan for reopening based on these guidelines. The principles are as follows:

We restarted play on Thursday 14th May.

Your membership must have been renewed before you play.

You can renew your membership via our Membership Page.

As we will be on restricted play for a while, with only singles play, the Committee is generously offering a 2 month discount on the annual membership.

If you had already paid your membership, you will be entitled to a partial refund.  Please contact our Treasurer, Sandra Rapley sandra.rapley@btinternet.com for more information.

A parent can join the club as ‘Non-Playing Parent’, this is a new membership for non-members to play ONLY with their children.  If this membership is abused, it will be rescinded.

Juniors who are Under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. A 14 year old child cannot ‘supervise’ someone younger.

Court Booking System
A court booking system has been implemented using the LTA Clubspark software which is integrated into this website. Members can only utilise the tennis courts after having booked a court using this system. There will be no guests allowed for now, this includes people of your household that are not members. They would need to join the club in order to come and play with you.

Please use the book button further down this page to book a court.

Please only come to the club if you have a confirmed court booking.

The coaching team has been allocated Court 3 all day every day for coaching and a few hours of Court 2 (The middle court) Please contact the coaches or Head Coach, Sally (07958 758 580) if you would like a private 121 lesson.

Coaching will be limited to one-on-one. There will be no group coaching.

Lessons will be booked in 60-minute slots, but your coach will be finishing the lesson after 55 minutes in order to allow a buffering time between bookings.

During coaching sessions, only the coach will touch the balls.  Players must roll balls toward the net with their racquet.  If you wish to work on your serve you must bring our own ‘marked’ balls.

Singles Only
Members can ONLY play singles, and this DOES include playing with members outside of your household, but you must book the court in advance of coming to the club.

Doubles not currently allowed
We hope that in time, doubles will be permitted amongst members of the same household, but for the time being, ONLY singles is allowed in order to maintain quality safe distancing.

Clubhouse unavailable
The clubhouse will be unavailable for use. There will be no toilet facilities available at the club.

Hand Sanitiser
Please remember to bring your hand sanitiser.

Marked Balls
Your own balls must be marked and each person playing singles should only handle their own balls.

If you do not have a set of keys, you can pay a £15 key deposit via this Subscription Page.

Then collect the keys from one of the coaches. Let Sally Know when you can come to the club to pick them up.

Please do not remain at the club after play

Court Booking
There is no charge for court booking but you are asked to only book a court that you know 100% that you will use. There are lots of members wishing to play; please be courteous about using booked courts.

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Stay safe
Warm wishes
The Avenue Tennis Club Committee